Scouring factory 
Equipped with 2 sets of scouring equipment and 1 sets of carbonization equipment, we can contract to scour raw sheep wool, raw cashmere materials and other animal fibers. With one 1000 ton warehouse for finished products, one 3000 ton warehouse for raw wool, professional technicians and full range of testing facilities, we can provide our customers with the first-class services on the storage, processing and sales of sheep wool. The Customer Service Center will do best service to our customers for transportation, business place and security as well as accommodation

Carding factory 
We possess 77 sets of carding and combing machines

Spinning factory 
For woolen spinning system, we have 4 sets of Italian production lines and with production ability 200 tons(14-32N) annually. For worsted spinning, we have 5000 spindles of domestic equipment with 180 tons(14-60N) production ability annually.

Knitting factory 
We own 500 sets of knitting machines and 110 sets of linking machines in the knitting factory and output is 500.000 pieces annually.